U.S. Army Increases Geospatial-Intelligence for Warfighters with SOCET GXP

The U.S. Army signed a multi-year agreement to add more than 500 new licenses of BAE Systems’ comprehensive geospatial-intelligence analysis software, SOCET GXP®.

As the Army consolidates legacy hardware and software systems into the Distributed Common Ground System – Army (DCGS-A) enterprise, imagery and geospatial analysis tools must meet wide-ranging technical requirements to provide relevant and timely geospatial intelligence to the warfighter. SOCET GXP v3.2 is optimized for handling large data sets and many layers of information derived from various sensors and geodatabases. Users exploit the data through collaborative video analysis and other tools, helping the Army visualize the battle space.

Additionally, hundreds of existing SOCET GXP licenses for DCGS-Enabled Common Ground Station installations will be upgraded worldwide.

“BAE Systems has extensive experience in supporting the DoD,” said Dan London, vice president of sales, marketing and customer support for the Geospatial eXploitation Products™ business. “We have the technologies and background to help the Army fully realize the capabilities needed for DCGS-A to support soldiers in theater.”