SuperGeo Technologies Announces Android Support, Sale in Colombia, and Cached Image Support


SuperGeo to Launch SuperGIS Android Platform Solutions
SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announced new product plans of SuperGIS for Android solutions. In addition to current Mobile Cadastral GIS and SuperGIS Mobile Tour, SuperGeo is going to release SuperSurv and Android SDK soon.

In order to fit the mobile solutions in various platforms in the GIS industry, SuperGIS Mobile GIS product line has extended from Windows Mobile to Android operating system. In terms of Android platform, Mobile Cadastral GIS enables the staff in Land Office to rapidly get the current position and cadastral information in field survey. Another application, SuperGIS Mobile Tour, designed for outdoor navigation and tourism, integrates with multi-media for tourists to enjoy diverse route selections.

For the needs in collecting data in field survey, SuperGeo is developing SuperSurv. The new mobile GIS application contains necessary field GIS functions for users to collect data and add point, line, polygon features with GPS signals. Also, SuperSurv supports the camera function on the mobile device. Surveyors can therefore enhance the data accuracy and enrich the data content quickly.

In addition to data collection functions with GPS, SuperSurv also supports surveyors to customize the menu according to different tasks. With the function, field surveyors are able to input the attributes easily and complete the data collection efficiently in various conditions.
In the near future, SuperGeo is going to release the SDK supporting Android platform. Developers or programmers who are able to develop applications can thus customize diversified more GIS applications for Android devices. More users owning Android system can thus select or develop ideal GIS applications easily by SuperGIS Android solutions.

The complete SuperGIS Android Platform solution is expected to be released in Q4 2011. More information is available on

SuperField 3 Selected by Geosystem Ing S.A.S. in Colombia
SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, is pleased to announce the latest sales achievement in Latin America, where Geosystem Ing S.A.S selected customized SuperField 3 to provide a turnkey solution for local surveyors.

Headquartered in Colombia, Geosystem Ing S.A.S is a leading vendor of professional data collectors as well as engineering, surveying and GPS equipments. The company has offices in the main cities in Colombia, Panama, and Guatemala. Owning a support team to offer complete training and after sales services to clients, Geosystem Ing S.A.S enjoys high reputation in the local mobile GIS industry.

In order to provide users with a complete solution in mobile applications, Geosystem Ing S.A.S has been searching for a mobile GIS software product with fine functionality at reasonable pricing. After evaluating the product and support from SuperGeo, Geosystem Ing S.A.S decided to purchase SuperField 3 to go with the various mobile GPS devices they distribute. SuperField 3 was then customized to fit in the customer requests suggested by Geosystem Ing S.A.S.

The mobile GIS applications of SuperGeo includes SuperPad 3 (fully functional mobile GIS software), SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 (powerful and easy-to-use SDK), and SuperField 3 (lightweight mobile GIS software). The last product is specially designed to bundle with mobile GIS devices, to provide a turnkey solution for users.

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SuperPad 3 to Support Cached Images for Prompt Map Display
SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, today announced that SuperPad 3, its fully functional mobile GIS software, is going to support displaying the cached images generated by SuperGIS Map Tile Tool.

Designed for mobile GIS and outdoor mapping, SuperPad 3 is the full-function mobile GIS software to assist field surveyors in collecting, editing, and measuring spatial data on mobile devices during field tasks. To improve the map display performance, SuperPad 3 supports to display the cached images (*.sgt) generated by SuperGIS Map Tile Tool as the basemaps to accelerate performance.

Since the mobile devices are often overloaded with multiple layers during the field tasks, SuperPad 3 now supports to directly display the cached images to demonstrate the map effortlessly. Therefore, the layers that are not edited can be generated as cached images, and the images can then be displayed as the basemaps in SuperPad 3. In that case, the map display performance can be greatly enhanced, and field surveyors can collect and edit the spatial data more efficiently.

SuperGIS Map Tile Tool is the add-on of SuperGIS Desktop 3.1. Users who would like to accelerate the map display performance in SuperPad 3 need to cooperate with SuperGIS Map Tile Tool on SuperGIS Desktop 3.1.

The latest SuperPad 3.0a is going to be launched in September 2011. If you’d like to have more detailed information, please visit our website or e-mail us

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