CHC Navigation and Paterson Pitts Partners Support Christchurch Earthquake Relief Projects

Shanghai, China – (August 29th , 2011) – In September 2010 and February 2011 two major earthquakes struck, just a few kilometers from the Christchurch central city creating utter devastation in the central city and eastern suburbs. Even 5 months on, access is still impossible to a significant portion of the inner city. Creating a reasoned and appropriate response to a disaster of this scope is extremely difficult. However, the CHC X91 GNSS receiver was deployed by the Paterson Pitts Group survey team on two key projects to go a small way toward enabling decisions on the nature and form of Christchurch’s rebuild to be planned.

Several thousand houses near the Avon River and estuary which are now damaged by the earthquake and resulting liquefaction are likely to never be rebuilt. When undertaking decisions of this magnitude, it is essential to have data of a high quality.

"The high degree of accuracy, affordable cost, robust nature and excellent support has made the CHC GNSS equipment, ideal for both land and hydrographic spatial control" said Nigel Pitts, the Director of Paterson Pitts Group. "The environment was challenging enough and the dependability, functionality and light weight of the X91 rover and Getac controller running Carlson SurvCE software was of immense assistance" Nigel added.

“We have intensified our support to existing and potential customers following the earthquake, culminating in a visit to Christchurch and Dunedin to offer local surveyors the chance to be trained on GNSS Survey equipment and to install an Internet Base Station in Christchurch.” says George Zhao, CEO of CHC. “Equipment reliability and field technical support responsiveness are key aspects in disaster-recovery projects.” Zhao added.

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