SPAR Europe Announces Keynoters, Presenters for 2011 Conference

Blaine Tookey, BP Executive, and Ed Lantz, President/CTO of Vortex Immersion Media to Keynote European Conference

24 August, 2011 – Portland, Maine, USA – SPAR Point Group has announced 2 keynote speakers and more than 2 dozen additional presenters for SPAR Europe 2011 taking place 8 & 9 November at the World Forum, The Hague. The second annual conference on 3D Imaging for Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Safety & Security will be preceded on 7 November by a pre-conference tutorial on 3D imaging and a full-day FIATECH meeting. For full information, visit

The first keynoter is Blaine R. Tookey, IT & S, Chief Technology Office at BP. The IT&S Chief Technology Office at BP is charged with identifying new technologies that can transform existing business processes and provide a step change in safe, efficient and reliable operations. The CTO has had significant success at applying 3D technology to improve training, collaboration, and operational practices. This talk will focus on some of the successful implementations over the last few years and describe technologies for which BP sees particular promise and investment potential, including 3D visualization tools, intelligent models, and mobile devices.

The second keynoter is Ed Lantz, President & CTO of Vortex Immersion Media, a company specializing in the innovative development of interactive entertainment venues. In addition to his role as an executive manager, Mr. Lantz is also a media and entertainment engineer and scientist, with areas of interest ranging from virtual reality and real-time video/music performance, to neuroaesthetics and wellness applications that exploit the psychophysical effects of interactive digital media. He is currently participating in the building and planning of an immersion environment at a new MGM Grand in China.

SPAR Europe is anticipating having 40 speakers, presenters, and panelists, who will cover a broad range of industries and applications including civil infrastructure, transportation, power generation, manufacturing, defense and security, historic preservation and more. Following are some of the confirmed presenters and the topics they will be speaking about:

• Mario Matthys from the City of Ghent on 3D modeling the city using airborne, mobile and static scanning
• Christian Hesse of Dr. Hesse and Partner Engineers on making laser scanning portable
• Lothar Brummel of VATRO and Jörg Meixner of Z+F on the use of 3D data for insurance claim management
• Christophe Lambert of French Gendarmerie on quality assurance for 3D model results
• John Meneely of Queens University Belfast on measuring the impact of climate change
• Paul DiGiacobbe of HNTB and Ramesh Sridharan of Virtual Geomatics on the top 10 requirements for LiDAR projects (airborne, mobile, corridor, and stationary LiDAR/point cloud)
• Chris Haarmeijer of Re-Lion on combining photogrammetric data capture, semi-automated procedural modeling and immersive virtual reality training for military applications
• Lau Jensen of Ramboll Oil on using 3D imaging as a risk management tool
• Christopher Zmijewski of Stantec to lead the Pre-Conference Tutorial on 3D Imaging
• Dr. Ivo Milev, Managing Director at technet-rail 2010 GmbH and Nikolaus Studnicka of Riegl on railway scanning and security feature extraction
• Richard Auty of the Metropolitan Police on the decision to invest £3m in laser scanners to quickly investigate serious road accidents, expected to offset £1bn in annual economic losses
• Matteo Sgrenzaroli of Gexcel and Dario Conforti of Optech on LIDAR and images integration case studies in urban areas, complex landscapes, and road infrastructures
• Valentin Vanhecke of Dutch National Police Services (KLPD) on the attempted assassination of the Dutch queen
• Zdenek Marek of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic on new technologies for investigating crime scenes
• Dr. Aaron Morris of Allpoint Systems and Michael R. Frecks of Terrametrix will present use of mobile LIDAR for California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) bridge project
• Douglas Pritchard of Glasgow School of Art on latest conservation efforts using 3D imaging for the Rosslyn Chapel Project
• Jürgen Weiske, Erster Kriminalhauptkommissar, Polizei NRW, will organize an on-site crime scene investigation using 3D imaging
• Frédéric Bosché of Heriot-Watt University on the fusion of BIM and terrestrial laser scanning for automated construction progress control
• Vincente Bayarri of GIM Geomatics on integration of traditional geomatics tools with new 3D imaging technologies and virtual reality systems as applied in caves of the Cantabrian Coast
• Alexandra Grounds of Grounds Associates on applying BIM, “photo stitching” and HD images for historic buildings as well as environmental impact and heating strategy
• Guenter Eiermann of Koernig Weber Engineering on laser scanning for 3D documentation and plant design
• Morton Thoft of COWI A/S on 3D terrestrial laser scanning of beaches The Pearl, Qatar, demonstrating erosion used for geomorphological analysis
• Duncan Lees of 4DMax will showcase fascinating new applications of 3D imaging as applied for film production and cultural preservation
• Erik Classen of Fugro GeoServices B.V. will present a case study demonstrating integrating airborne, mobile and terrestrial lidar
• Dr. Andreas Ullrich of Riegl will discuss progress in mobile laser scanning
• Laurence McKinley of virtualcitySYSTEMS will present on novel use of 3D imaging for Network Railway Project

SPAR Point Group will continue to announce conference speakers as they are named. For up-to-date information, visit

“We are delighted to have Blaine Tookey and Ed Lantz as two of our Keynoters this year,” said Tom Greaves, Managing Director of SPAR Point Group. “Blaine is using 3D technologies to transform operations at BP, making them more efficient, more reliable and safer; Ed is involved in some fascinating projects, including the building and planning of an immersion environment at a new MGM Grand in China, that is sure to wow our audience.”

Greaves also expressed great enthusiasm for the general sessions. “The conference line-up is fantastic,” said Greaves. “We’ve got some of the most experienced and knowledgeable 3D experts on the planet sharing their expertise on topics ranging from using 3D scanning as a risk management tool to railway scanning to city modeling and crime and accident investigations and much more.”

SPAR Europe will be co-located with Digital Asset Management Conference – Europe. On 7 November, 2011, in conjunction with SPAR Europe, FIATECH will host a full-day meeting. FIATECH is an industry-lead group that provides global leadership in identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration and deployment of technologies and advancement of innovative practices to deliver the highest business value throughout the capital projects lifecycle.

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