Leica Cyclone 7.2 Improves Processing of Rich, “As-built” Point Clouds from Laser Scanning

(Norcross, 9 August 2011) Leica Geosystems announces new Leica Cyclone v7.2 software that improves office processing and use of rich “as-built” point cloud data. Several innovations in Leica Cyclone 7.2 address key market needs and trends in the processing and use of rich, as-built point cloud data from laser scanning/High-Definition Surveying™.

One constant market driver is the desire to reduce laser scanning project costs, including office time, especially as projects trend towards more scans and higher scan densities. New Leica Cyclone 7.2 features that reduce processing time include:
• Up to 4x-10x improvement in rendering (vs. Cyclone 7.1) as a user moves or navigates through scan data sets
• Greater CPU availability for converting point clouds into models – rendering is now done by graphics/video card GPU instead of computer CPU
• Automatic extraction of black & white scan targets from scans
• “Registration grouping tool” that lets users efficiently register dozens or even hundreds of scanner setups where field problems might exist, such as targets mislabeled, moved, or insufficiently scanned
• Virtually immediate export of point clouds to Leica point cloud Engine (pcE) based applications, such as Leica Cyclone II TOPO, using “referencing” method
• Efficient “batch import” of proposed CAD design models into Cyclone TruSpace scans for batch publishing as TruViews – this addition is based on very positive user feedback of Cyclone 7.1’s ability to incorporate CAD models into TruViews and the desire to do this efficiently for many models and scans

When the new, automatic extraction of black & white targets is combined with automatic target matching (introduced in Cyclone 7.1), the entire registration process can be automated using just simple, unlabeled, low-cost black & white targets. The above new features can reduce office time by hours or even by days for large, challenging projects.

A second market need is enabling users to better understand and visualize scanned sites via higher quality digital imagery. Cyclone 7.2 blends out a visual “tiling” effect sometimes seen in digital photos taken by a Leica ScanStation C10 or C5 internal camera – thus yielding higher fidelity, multi-image views.

Leica Cyclone v7.2 software is immediately available for download for all customers with valid maintenance contracts.

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