LightSquared Aviation Impacts Report Issued

“The FAA report is an extraordinary indictment of LightSquared’s plans. Just consider the fact that FAA analysis and tests find that if LightSquared is allowed to deploy as it wants to that ‘GPS is expected to be unavailable for planned aviation use over the whole of the continental U.S.’  Or that the FAA report finds that nearly 800 lives would be lost over the next 10 years because of the absence of GPS. Or that the FAA would need to return to old-style ground-based navigational aids. Or that billions of dollars in existing FAA and GPS user investments would be lost. The list of harms LightSquared’s plans would cause just goes on and on. How much more evidence is needed to stop wasting time on this irresponsible plan?"  — Jim Kirkland

A 586Kb PDF of the report can be found HERE