SubSurface Instruments, Inc. Unveils Innovative ML-3 Magnetic Locators

Green Bay, Wis.­- (July 14, 2011) –  SubSurface Instruments, Inc., recently unveiled an innovative ML-3 magnetic locator, a significant innovation in the magnetic location industry.

The ML-3 magnetic locator, available in 40” and 55” model lengths to meet surveyors’ personal preference, provides an ergonomic, lightweight and durable option to traditional magnetic locators. The ML-3 offers unparalleled durability, as all components are housed inside the aircraft grade aluminum monotube units. Its design eliminates bulky plastic housing, provides structural integrity and allows for easy one-handle operation.

In addition, the ML-3 is waterproof up to 75 feet so it can be used in difficult weather and under water. Plus, a new feature allows the ML-3 to provide readings that can be heard under water, and the new battery system allows for additional field hours. The ML-3 magnetic locator is digitally tuned, so it offers the utmost in accuracy in detecting ferromagnetic objects. And the new locator’s auto zero feature that allows the user to “cancel” or compensate for ambient magnetics or magnetic gradient in the soil, allowing the user to zero in on the magnetic field he/she is striving to gauge.

Both ML-3 short and long models are backed by a seven-year warranty.

“The ML-3 is really a testament to the best in both technological developments on the inside and user-friendly enhancements on the outside to offer a first in the field of magnetic locators,” said Jim Hokanson, general manager, SubSurface Instruments.

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About SubSurface Instruments
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