Update on the National Adjustment of 2011 (NA2011) Project, and "NGS Perspectives" Newsletter

Many of you may already be aware of this, but the National Adjustment of 2011 (NA2011) Project NGS Home Page news story has been updated (http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/web/news/NA2011_Project.shtml). The story includes publicly-released FAQs, which are linked on that Web page, and can be accessed directly at http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/web/surveys/NA2011/NA2011_FAQ.shtml.

The NGS Perspectives newsletter includes a story on the front page about NA2011 (and the Multi-Year CORS Solution), along with other stories and NGS information. The newsletter was prepared for the upcoming American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) Conference/Esri Survey Summit in San Diego, July 7-12. Although the newsletter was prepared specifically for this conference, we expect to create additional newsletters in the future using the same format. A 583Kb PDF of the newsletter can be downloaded HERE