Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.8, No.5 2011


Editors Corner:
Military Surveying, Then and Now
By Marc Cheves, LS
Subsurface Modeling
New technology that employs GNSS and the capability to “see underground” holds promise for surveying utilities.
By Les MacFarlane, LS, and Jim Waite

The Elevation Certificate {translated} Part 1
FEMA certifications continue to provide work for surveyors. Unfortunately, some fall short of properly completing the paperwork.
By C. Barton Crattie, LS, CFM and Wendy Lathrop, LS, CFM

Reconstructing an Accident Scene
GNSS RTK from Altus Positioning Systems helps the Royal Canadian Mounted Police reconstruct collision scenes.
By Daniel C. Brown

Product Review: Sokkia SRX
Our expert product reviewer examines this popular robotic total station.
By Shawn Billings, LS

How Precise is OPUS? Part 1: Experimental Results
Thousands of surveyors are using OPUS. Do they understand the legal ramifications of the underlying accuracy and precision?
By Richard Snay, Kevin Choi, Gerald Mader, Charles Schwarz, Tomás Soler and Neil Weston

Burt’s Solar Compass: It Conception, Development, Manufacturing, Marketing and Daily Use by Robert C. Miller
By Jack N. Owens, LS