C-Nav used on Kenya Lake Surveys: Crocodiles and All

Lafayette, Louisiana, June 23, 2011 – C-Nav, the premier supplier of international GNSS Precise Point Positioning services, was chosen by Fathoms Ltd. to meet their project’s tough positioning requirements.

Fathoms, with offices in Somerset and Caithness, UK, were recently awarded a survey for Kenya’s Natural Resource Management Project. Fathoms used C-Nav positioning solutions when surveying the Masinga, Kamburu, Sasumua and Kdakaini lakes supplying hydroelectric energy and drinking water to the major cities. The surveys were not without significant challenges including contending with the lakes’ populations of hippopotami and crocodiles; special precautions were needed to ensure that the animals were undisturbed and that environmental impacts were minimal.

Positioning throughout was achieved with C-Nav2050M GPS receivers and real-time C-NavC1 RTG satellite broadcast correctors. Matt French, Fathom’s Managing Director, used one word to describe the performance and accuracy of the C-Nav solution – “Superb”.

About C-Nav
C-Nav, a division of C & C Technologies, leads the world in high level GNSS positioning with its unique C-Nav Precise Point Positioning solutions and range of GNSS receivers, long range Ultra RTK, C-Monitor, C-NaviGator and P3QC packages with the acclaimed C-Scape online GNSS/DP suite. Please go to the new website at http://www.cnavgnss.com to see how C-Nav remains committed to making your job easier.

About Fathoms
Fathoms is one of the UK’s foremost hydrographic, renewable energy and radiological survey firms with offices in Somerset & Caithness and serving a global customer base. For more details and contact information, visit http://www.fathoms.co.uk