Randy Noland and Marco Cecala to Present ‘Civil Integrated Management (CIM): 3D, MC and the PLS’ at the Esri/ACSM Survey Summit

San Diego, Calif. – Carlson Software’s V.P. of Positioning & Machine Control Randy Noland together with Marco Cecala, with Take-Off Professionals in Arizona, are presenters at the Survey Summit, hosted by Esri® and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) in San Diego, Calif.

Their subject will be: “Civil Integrated Management (CIM), 3D, MC and the PLS,” to be held on Saturday, July 9, from 8 a.m. until noon at the Summit.

Noland and Cecala will illustrate how by utilizing technology and 3D data with machine control in civil construction, the surveyor will be able to “see around corners” and recommend changes on the front side of a project with the result being a better project with fewer issues.

“Automated Machine Guidance and related new tools have improved efficiency and profitability,” says Cecala, “but while contractors around the globe have acknowledged the advantages of this new technology, there seems to be a disconnect when it comes time to implement these changes into the project cycle.”

“We will show how building a digital model for machine guidance then allows the model builder – often a surveyor — to look at the relationship of the parts that make up the whole,” notes Noland. “This then enables him or her to identify on-site or off-site issues before dirt moving begins, often avoiding expensive mistakes. Even sub-surface issues become easier to deal with,” he adds, “when first seen on a computer screen before becoming dirt and paving.”

“While the use of staking becomes less important, the use of a land surveyor on a construction will never go away,” says Cecala, “they will just have more options as to what to do and when.”

All attendees at the Survey Summit are invited to attend to learn more about this critical new technology that both Cecala and Noland say is here to stay. For more information about the Survey Summit, hosted by Esri and ACSM from July 7 – 12, visit www.surveysummit.com.  For details about CIM, email Noland at machinecontrol@carlsonsw.com or Cecala at marco@takeoffpros.com.