City of Melbourne Improves Community Services with ERDAS APOLLO

Norcross, GA, USA — ERDAS announces that the City of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia is using ERDAS APOLLO Essentials – Image Web Server as a foundation for CoMPASS, an intranet mapping application designed to improve city services for citizens.

The City of Melbourne, as a council, oversees Melbourne’s city centre and several inner suburbs. As a capital-city council, it also speaks on behalf of Melbourne in local, national and international forums. Using GIS technologies for over 15 years, the City of Melbourne is seen as a leader in geospatial solutions within the Victorian local government industry.

ERDAS APOLLO Essentials – Image Web Server is a high-speed, specialized application that efficiently distributes massive amounts of geospatial imagery and vectors to thousands of users from a single server with standard hardware, effectively solving the infrastructure congestion problems traditionally associated with deploying large volumes of image data. An interoperable solution based on OGC standards, ERDAS APOLLO Essentials – Image Web Server rapidly delivers imagery to a variety of CAD, GIS, mobile, web and desktop applications.

Using ERDAS APOLLO Essentials – Image Web Server, CoMPASS unites disparate geospatial datasets and rapidly serves them to city employees and contractors within a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface that enables them to improve community services while minimizing labor, time and costs for the City. CoMPASS is currently being used extensively by the City‘s contact center and the offices responsible for planning and development, permitting and reviews, health inspection services, and parks and recreation.

With CoMPASS, personnel can gather owner and occupant information about relevant properties and survey the site and its conditions using aerial and ground-level imagery before leaving the office, often eliminating the need for on-site visits and inspections. In cases where on-site visits are still required, office staff can generate a map of the location, easily determine the authority or contractor responsible for the request, and pass along relevant background information, making visits more productive and efficient.

The City of Melbourne is a long-time user of ERDAS IMAGINE and ERDAS ER Mapper and chose ERDAS APOLLO Essentials – Image Web Server as the foundation for CoMPASS due to its extremely rapid delivery and its ability to serve both rasters and vectors equally fast. Robust architecture ensures maximum availability and complete scalability as the City’s image library grows.

“The speed that ERDAS APOLLO Essentials – Image Web Server offers is an integral part of the service improvement that CoMPASS provides,” said Susan Kempson, Spatial Systems Team Leader – Business Information Services Branch, City of Melbourne. “With ERDAS APOLLO Essentials – Image Web Server, we can supply detailed maps and informative layers and remain confident that CoMPASS can competently manage the load. Regardless of the amount of data served or the number of users on the system, we are able to quickly accommodate requests and ensure personnel and contractors are well-prepared to serve the public efficiently and without delay. “

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