Survey Summit and LightSquared

Surveyors and LightSquared – Precision GPS in Jeopardy

We’ve all heard of the LightSquared issue and its threat on precision GPS. This is a serious issue. LightSquared proposed a nationwide network of broadband transmitters that will be broadcasting radio signals very close to the L frequencies used by GPS. In fact, their transmission will be over one billion times stronger in electromagnetic energy than precision GPS receivers are designed to receive. Current independent tests demonstrate that the deployment of the LightSquared network will destroy the ability of surveyors and other high-precision users to use GPS.

Peter Large, Vice President of Trimble and, along with Jeff Carlisle, Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Light Squared will deliver each perspective on this issue at the Survey Summit and be available for questions. Along with their presentations, you are invited to attend a special forum with industry leaders from the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), American Congress on Survey and Mapping (ACSM), GPS World, GPS Manufactures,, and LightSquared. This is your chance to hear first-hand the details of the threat to GPS and learn what you can do about it.

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