Sidwell Announces Parcel Fabric Services and Solutions

The Sidwell Company is pleased to offer a comprehensive suite of services and solutions to assist organizations in converting and maintaining their cadastral GIS data in the Esri® parcel fabric. This development illustrates Sidwell’s ongoing commitment to providing their customers with services and solutions based on the latest innovations, technologies and best practices in the geospatial industry.

Sidwell’s parcel fabric services and solutions include:
• Data migration planning
• Database design and modeling
• Data staging and loading
• Land records workflow analysis
• Implementation and training
• Ongoing maintenance and support

Neal Carpenter, Sidwell’s President, states, “Our professional staff has worked extensively with Esri to develop an intimate understanding of the parcel fabric data model and Esri’s overall technical direction.  Our land records services and workflow solutions optimize the best qualities of the parcel fabric and will ensure that our clients continue to be highly successful.” 

According to Esri’s Christian Carlson, Director, State and Local Government Sales, “Sidwell has been an outstanding Esri partner for several years, leveraging their expertise in land records.  I am confident that their proven record of successful client implementations and commitment to our direction will help our customers take full advantage of Esri technology.”

More information about Sidwell’s parcel fabric services and solutions is available on their website at

About Sidwell
The Sidwell Company is an employee-owned firm providing integrated land records management solutions and GIS mapping and software development to local government and private-sector entities across the country.  Sidwell’s premier parcel mapping solution, Parcel Builder®, is currently used by over 160 customers nationwide. Sidwell also offers in-house aerial photography and photogrammetric services, and is the Midwest Distributor for Ashtech® GPS and survey  products and solutions.  Sidwell is a Gold member of the Esri Partner Network.  For more information about Sidwell’s geospatial solutions, call 877.SIDWELL (877.743.9355) or visit