Blue Marble’s GeoTransform 6.1 Upgrade Brings New Power and Capabilities to its Imagery Developer Tool Kit

Gardiner, Maine – June 3, 2011- Blue Marble Geographics ( announces the upgrade of their developer tool GeoTransform. GeoTransform is available within GeoCore, Blue Marble’s all in one geospatial developer tool kit. GeoTransform 6.1 is the latest raster image file transformation and manipulation tool kit from Blue Marble Geographics. 

The GeoTransform Class Library (GeoTransform) is a raster transformation "engine" that performs coordinate system and raster format conversion. When used within any spatial analysis, image processing, engineering, or mapping system, GeoTransform provides highly accurate and dependable geodetic and data transformations.

The 6.1 release is a tremendous upgrade from previous versions of the toolkit. With this library, users can read, write, compress, and manipulate many of today’s standard GIS raster image file formats, including: non-visual raster datasets such as DEMs, DTEDs, and raster binary grids. By using GeoTransform, developers will be able to render images without having to create a custom developed runtime saving on time and money. The SDK also adds powerful mosaicking and tiling capabilities to the single image transformation interface from previous releases. New clipping interfaces allow developers to manage, manipulate, and process large datasets like never before.

GeoTransform leverages the coordinate conversion power of GeoCalc high-level parametric database model to efficiently store and retrieve coordinate system, map projection, ellipsoid, geodetic datum transformation, and unit parameters. GeoCalc is Blue Marble Geographics’ coordinate transformation engine recognized for its reliability, accuracy, and flexibility. It ensures that the transformations performed within GeoTransform are as accurate and precise as possible. GeoTransform works seamlessly with Blue Marble’s GeoCalc libraries so developers can enhance their reprojection capabilities and base them on the largest commercially available database of geodetic definitions, which includes the EPSG database and more. Together, these technologies add up to a very robust and effective raster image processing solution. Developers also have the option of working with GeoTransform through the GeoCore SDK kit leveraging the additional functionality of the GeoTranslate vector and geometry library from Blue Marble.

Blue Marble’s geospatial data manipulation and conversion solutions are used worldwide by thousands of GIS analysts at software companies, universities, oil and gas companies, civil engineering, surveying, technology, enterprise GIS groups, government and military organizations.

“GeoTransform 6.1 is an exciting upgrade to our GeoCore tool Kit, which will allow developers to utilize some of the most powerful transformation tools available.” stated Blue Marble President Patrick Cunningham. “We are eager to see how developers will leverage the latest capabilities of this tool.” 

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