European LiDAR Mapping Forum Launches Call for Papers for 2011 Event to be Held in Austria in November

The ELMF is the premier event in Europe focused on applying the technology of LIDAR and laser scanning to deliver outside mapping and imaging solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner across a variety of markets.

The second ELMF is taking place in Salzburg, Austria from 29 – 30 November 2011. Last year’s inaugural event attracted 613 professionals from the mapping, surveying and GIS industries representing 46 countries. The conference programme heard 46 technical papers presented by leading authorities in their field, supported by a sold-out exhibition with 51 of the top international organisations in attendance.

The technical committee have today launched a Call for Papers and authors wishing to submit a paper for the conference are requested to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words by visiting The deadline for submitting an abstract is 25th July, 2011. The ELMF Technical Committee lead by Conference Chairman Alastair MacDonald from TMSI will peer review each abstract.

The ELMF conference is a unique platform on which to launch the latest concepts from commercial or academic research, leading edge innovations in technologies, improved operating practices, reports on actual project experiences and to discuss new applications and markets being driven by the rapid improvements in LIDAR technology. Over two days the conference will focus on the use of LIDAR to support transport, urban modelling, coastal zone mapping, asset management and GIS applications. The call for papers deadline is 25th July 2011.

A key component of the ELMF event is the international exhibition held alongside. The 2010 event attracted 51 exhibiting companies involved in airborne, bathymetric and terrestrial LIDAR and/or mobile mapping systems, including system and component manufacturers, operators and service companies. There were also seven mobile mapping vehicles on display directly outside the front of the conference centre. Exhibit sales will be open to all from Monday 7 June, 2011 but stands are expected to sell extremely quickly, so interested parties are urged to act promptly.

Visitors who are particularly interested in networking with these exhibitors are able to visit the exhibition at very affordable rates making it attractive for potential buyers and cost effective for exhibiting companies. 

In addition, technical workshops hosted by exhibiting companies aim to provide novice operators and their managers and potential purchasers of equipment with an understanding of the basic principles and fundamental benefits and technology associated with LIDAR whilst providing the more seasoned experts with up-to-date information on current developments. Delegates can dip in and out of these sessions and follow up with exhibiting companies at their booths to become fully aware of the products and opportunities offered within the LIDAR market.

Conference Chairman Alastair MacDonald commented, “The ELMF’s objectives are twofold: first, the ELMF aims to ensure that existing professionals in the LIDAR and mapping industries are fully up to date with the latest developments in technologies, services, operating standards and project experiences. Secondly, we offer to educate new entrants to the industry starting with LIDAR basics and including learning from other users’ experiences, so that they may identify how the technology is applicable to their own work needs.”

Commentating on the location for the 2011 event, Director Versha Carter said, “Salzburg is often quoted as being at the heart of Europe. Centrally located, it is easily accessible for northern, southern, eastern and western European countries with excellent flight, road and rail connections. We are excited about this impressive venue that is closely located to all the local attractions.”

The organizers, Intelligent Exhibitions, have a successful record of 10 years of the International LiDAR Mapping Forum [ILMF] the premier international conference for Lidar and Mobile Mapping which is held annually in the USA. With growing acceptance in Europe of the benefits of Lidar in low cost mapping, the European Lidar community wanted a showcase for their fast growing number of applications, and so the ELMF was born.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Salzburg in 2011.

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