Septentrio Announces the AsteRx-m, an Ultra-Compact RTK Receiver with the Lowest Power Consumption on the Market

Leuven, Belgium – Septentrio announces the AsteRx-m™, a very low power GPS/GLONASS dual-frequency RTK receiver which is smaller than a credit card. The new board is aimed specifically at integration in hand-held devices, mobile computing platforms and other solutions requiring high accuracy combined with low power in applications where space is at a premium.

Mobile computing has made spectacular inroads into the market in the last few years, and has now become a ubiquitous feature of modern electronics. Hand-held devices and mobile computing platforms with L1-GPS for GIS applications have been around for some time. However, users are beginning to demand higher accuracy, functionality and robustness in their mobile GNSS-enabled devices. To cater for exactly such requirements, Septentrio is launching the AsteRx-m™.

AsteRx-m™ is unique in many regards. It is the only receiver on the market that can offer full dual-frequency GPS only RTK capability while consuming less than 500 mW and GPS/GLONASS RTK at less than 600 mW. It is also the only receiver of comparable size that covers the functionality range from GPS-L1 only to full GPSGLONASS L1-L2, providing the same performance, robustness and availability as full size state-of-the-art dual-frequency RTK receivers.

The AsteRx-m™ combines innovative power-saving technology with Septentrio’s proven GReCo3™ GNSS ASIC and GNSS+™ suite of tracking and positioning firmware. It makes high-precision RTK positioning available in a very compact and low-power package for handheld devices, unmanned vehicles and other power-sensitive high-accuracy applications.

“The AsteRx-m™ builds on the field-proven quality and performance of the AsteRx2™ platform with a special focus on low power and small size, targeted at hand-held and battery-operated applications,” said Peter Grognard, Managing Director of Septentrio. “Providing GPS and GLONASS L1 and L2 in a form factor previously limited to L1- only or GPS-only processing, at a power consumption that is half that of comparable platforms, it effectively delivers twice the might for half the power.”

Septentrio will start shipping AsteRx-m™ in the third quarter of 2011.

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