Prosurv LLC Releases SD Quads – Topographic Maps and Software for Windows on SD Cards

Clark, WY – 18 May 2011 – Prosurv LLC Software Company releases SD Quads(TM), a new software and topographic maps package on SD cards for Windows Netbooks, Laptops, and PC’s. Each 8GB or 16GB SD card (depending on the State) is pre-burned with every 1:24,000 scale (7.5 minute Quadrangle), 1:100,000 scale, and 1:250,000 scale topographic map for that State. Each map is a 100% USGS digital topographic map, and each card contains up to 2000 digital topographic maps covering the entire State, at a very reasonable price.
Each card also contains a full installation version of SD Quads software – a truly remarkable program that, when coupled with a GPS receiver, automatically loads and stitches the maps together as the user walks, hikes, bikes, or drives. SD Quads eliminates the need to pre-upload maps–just connect to the GPS receiver and go. Switch scales on the fly. View the full size quadrangle map at any time, just by clicking on the map. Pan/Zoom, record and navigate to waypoints, record and playback routes, or even attach images to waypoints. Combining the best of both worlds, the SD Quads software has seamless automated stitching of maps, while at the same time allowing users to view and even save individual quad maps with the all-important collar information, intact.
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Dominic J. Whitham, PLS
Member, Prosurv LLC
Phone: 307.645.3319