Spatial Energy Launches Environmental Monitoring Service for Oil and Gas Operators

Pro-Active Program to Monitor Enterprise Energy Assets uses Remote Sensing Technologies

Boulder, Colorado, USA, May 11, 2011 – Spatial Energy, the leading source for digital imagery, data management and services for the energy industry, today introduced EhsWatch™, an Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Monitoring program for oil and gas operations.

Offered as a subscription service from Spatial Energy, EhsWatch is a turn-key program that enables an oil and gas company to monitor the environmental impact of its operations anywhere in the world, onshore or offshore, and manage the program online for communication and collaboration purposes throughout the enterprise. The service employs airborne and satellite remote sensing platforms to acquire periodic images of production facilities, pipelines, terminals, ports and other infrastructure. Spatial Energy processes the remote sensing data, applies analytic algorithms, and makes the imagery and reports available to the subscriber on a secure web portal with 24/7 enterprise access.

“EhsWatch allows oil and gas operators to make more effective environmental and security decisions under normal operations throughout the project lifecycle,” said Bud Pope, Spatial Energy President. “The service also positions operators to respond more rapidly and efficiently when an emergency threatens to impact the local environment or endanger the health and safety of personnel.”

Images and analytics collected for EhsWatch will utilize Spatial Energy’s Spatial on Demand service where the images are integrated as a layer directly into their online store of geographic information.

“Spatial Energy created EhsWatch in response to the energy industry’s desire to take a pro-active approach to environmental monitoring,” said Bud Pope, Spatial Energy President. “EhsWatch was developed on the premise that environmental stewardship must be integrated into the entire workflow process from exploration and production through to remediation and divestiture.”

Spatial Energy developed the first EhsWatch program in conjunction with  Apache Corporation, a global oil and gas exploration company, which  uses the service to monitor its assets around the world. Working with Apache, Spatial Energy devised workflow processes for on-and-offshore monitoring of all key assets globally. Each active area acquired or divested begins with acquisition of baseline imagery and then establishes a frequency of revisit by airborne or satellite sensors with spatial resolution and optical or radar imaging capabilities best suited to monitoring a particular area, site or facility.

“Environmental stewardship is central to our operations, our stakeholders and our reputation,” said David Carmony, Apache Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment. “We’re committed to being pro-active in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our environmental decision-making process.”

Spatial Energy has been providing remote sensing imagery and analytic services for onshore and offshore projects to the global majors and large independent oil and gas companies worldwide for the last five years. As the petroleum industry examines the lessons learned from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Spatial Energy devised EhsWatch to offer a turnkey program for pro-active monitoring of worldwide exploration and production activities. 

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