JAVAD GNSS and LightSquared Interference

Moscow – May 10, 2010 – The American Surveyor recently spoke with Javad Ashjaee, founder of JAVAD GNSS, to get his take on the impact of the planned LightSquared broadband and its possible effect on the GPS L3 band. Javad expressed surprise at the controversy because interference has existed for a long time, and until recent developments for the TRIUMPH-VS, users had no way of knowing what bands were being affected, or the magnitude of such effects.

He said, "Long before the LightSquared controversy, JAVAD GNSS recognized the threat from interference. There are many interferences, with jammers being the worst. The interferences have existed for a long time, but until now, there was no way to see them."
Recent JAVAD GNSS videos address this issue. The first details spectrum allocation and how interference can occur, and the second how the company uses its patent-pending Spectrum Analyzer to identify what and where GNSS interference is occurring. If possible, JAVAD GNSS’s patent-pending Inband Interference Rejection mitigates such interference (and also civilian jamming interference).
According to Ashjaee, "Interference is a very important issue. LightSquared is only one possible source of interference." Ashjaee went on to say, "TRIUMPH-VS is the only GNSS receiver in the world that analyzes all GNSS bands and shows interferences, and viewing these two videos is a must for any GNSS professional."

We watched the videos and not only are they instructive and informative, the fact that they are narrated by Ashjaee himself makes them unique.

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