Golden Software Releases Grapher 9 with Unicode Font Support for International Compatibility

Golden, Colorado, 10 May 2011 – Golden Software, Inc., the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of Grapher 9, an accurate and efficient 2D and 3D graphing program for all graphing needs from simple to complex.

Introduced in 1986, Grapher has always been a tough competitor in graphing software. Grapher is designed primarily for scientists, engineers, and business professionals. Users can convert their data into any of fifty-four fully customizable graph types. Grapher continues to be known for the easy-to-use interface and for creating professional publication-quality graphs. One Grapher user states “We are often asked how we prepare our graphs with so much flexibility. Our company is known for high quality data presentation. We would not have been able to achieve this quality without Grapher.”

The most popular new feature in Grapher 9 is the eagerly-anticipated support for Unicode fonts. Support for Unicode fonts allows international users to create and display text using characters from languages other than English, and to save and open files with Unicode characters in the path name. Unicode characters are also supported in Grapher’s worksheet, allowing users to enter data and column headings in their native language, and to open Excel spreadsheets and display Unicode characters exactly how they are shown in Excel. This new feature is especially useful when creating graphs and plots for papers and presentations written in languages other than English.

In addition to Unicode font support, users can now harness the power of 64-bit versions of Windows® with the 64-bit version of Grapher 9. Users can load large data sets without running out of memory.

Two other powerful upgrades to Grapher 9 are the ability to move any label in a graph, and the improved clipping system. Users can now interactively move any label, including plot labels, axis labels, axis titles and graph titles – eliminating overlapping text and keeping graphs readable and informative for highest impact. Users can also clip bar charts, fit curves and confidence intervals to any specified limits. The increased customization capabilities in Grapher 9 allow users to create their graphs exactly how they want them.

Comments from Grapher customers and beta-testers after reviewing Grapher 9:
• “I am now ‘hooked’ on Grapher 9!” –Stephen Ross, Infrared Free Electron Laser Research Center, Japan
• “It really is the most flexible package out there. I tell people if you can visualize a plot, you can make it with Grapher.” –Eric Tappa, University of South Carolina, USA

Grapher 9 operates in a Microsoft® Windows environment with Windows XP SP2 or higher, Vista, 7, or higher. Grapher 9 is now available for a retail price of $349, with quantity discounts available. Upgrades from previous versions of Grapher are available for only $119. Grapher 9 includes free updates and free technical support.

Visit to download a Grapher 9 demo and place an order.

About Golden Software:
Founded in 1983, Golden Software is a leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software. Its customer base includes over 100,000 users involved in oil and gas exploration, mining, geosciences, engineering, business, education, and government in 179 countries and territories. Golden Software offers five products in addition to Grapher™: Surfer® for contouring and 3D mapping, MapViewer™ for thematic mapping and spatial analysis; Didger® for digitizing and coordinate conversion; Voxler® for 3D data visualization; and Strater® for well log and borehole plotting. For additional information, visit or call 303-279-1021.