Getting GPS Signals to your rover just got a whole lot easier. And cheaper.

Norcross, Georgia, May 4, 2011 – The new eBridge, from Champion Instruments, enables GPS network corrections to be broadcast wirelessly from existing RTK Radios (Pacific Crest, Satel, TrimMark, ArWest, etc.)—via the world wide web—right to your rover. eBridge eliminates the need for troublesome Bluetooth DUN Phone connections and traditional GPS Base Stations (“towers”) and can receive internet signals nearly anywhere in the continental United States—wherever a Real-Time Network (RTN) exists. This is also the first RTK Bridge that can use the faster 4G networks available today via mobile hotspots and is ready to make 5G connections when they become available.

The Champion RTK eBridge provides internet based DGPS/RTK corrections via NTRIP or Direct IP to legacy positioning systems which cannot be easily connected to the internet, or where the manufacturer’s solutions limit connectivity to GSM or 2G/3G. Also, because the eBridge is an open solution, its internet connection can be shared with other devices, usually eliminating costly monthly cellular bills.

Huiming Song, CTO of Champion Instruments says, “When designing the new eBridge, we talked to numerous users and dealers of the older RTK Bridge systems to find out what features they most needed. We combined these features into a single hardware platform that supports all the worldwide cellular carriers and allows for instantaneous upgrading to the new 4G networks through Wi-Fi and Plug and Play LINUX USB Modems. Every feature of the new eBridge is an advancement of the first generation RTK Bridge. This new bridge supports Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB Modems from multiple carriers, and Wi-Fi B/G and eight user connection accounts to name but a few.”

Incorporating a full blown LINUX engine with ample RAM, the system is easily upgraded as new features and modems become available. The integrated L1 GPS Engine (standard) also supports a patented memory cache allowing the Champion RTK eBridge to connect to RTK Networks without having a current position. If needed, the eBridge is available with a Li-Ion battery which supports over twelve hours of operation without external power.

"The Champion RTK eBridge has satisfied our clients’ need for true 3G and even 4G RTK bridges—not like the older units that only use 1xRTT towers" states Mario Gosalvez, Sales Director for Base-N-aBox. "The preassembled 1000 PSI injection molded IP67 cable solutions have eliminated the guesswork and the errors in our implementations. In addition, when paired with Champion’s seven-watt amplifier, the eBridge performs in locations that the older RTK Bridges with their three-watt amps could not connect in. Furthermore, the Champion eBridge’s reliability has been outstanding—not a single unit has been returned for repairs versus about 10% from our prior Bridge manufacturer.”

Champion’s simple-to-operate eBridge works with all major survey, machine control and construction equipment including Trimble, Topcon, Leica, Carlson, NavCom, MicroSurvey and many others. Advancing the state-of-the-art for RTK Bridges, the Champion eBridge ensures that users will be able to use today’s latest technology as well as connect with the quickly evolving cellular markets of the future.

About Champion Instruments
Champion Instruments designs, integrates and manufactures leading edge, cost-effective GNSS products based on proven technology for the positioning, guidance, and machine control applications in land survey, GIS, forensic mapping, agriculture, marine, and construction markets worldwide. The Company is headquartered in North Georgia near Atlanta, with its major product development, sales, and marketing facilities in Georgia, California, and Iowa.