Online Maps Help U.S. Legislators Communicate with Constituents

Esri Technology Enables Web Mapping in GSL’s HillTop Content Management System

Redlands, California—May 03, 2011—HillTop CMS, the website content management system used by over 50 US congressional offices, now enables legislators to share information with constituents in an enlightening geographic context. GSL Solutions leveraged Esri’s geographic information system (GIS) technology to bring web mapping capabilities to its HillTop software.

"In a state as large and diverse as Florida, constituents should have the best available resources to learn how legislation from Washington, D.C., affects their lives," says Senator Marco Rubio, whose office was one of the first to employ HillTop’s mapping capabilities. "The interactive map on our website shows the work being done on their behalf and the ways they can get involved in their local communities."

The offices of senators Scott Brown (Massachusetts), Jerry Moran (Kansas), and James Risch (Idaho) are also using HillTop to post maps that depict project spending, community meeting details, news coverage, sites of interest for Capitol visitors, and more. Web mapping is built into HillTop’s existing functionality, making it easy for legislative and communications staff to enter content and display it in a geographic format. GSL plans to form a working group to help guide future geospatial offerings in HillTop, such as a catalog of national maps on key issues that would allow legislators to share a state-level view on their websites.

"This can be a vehicle for collaboration between Senate offices and agencies that enhances resources for citizens," says GSL president Michael Gaines. "National parks and national forests, for example, have many stakeholders but are managed by two separate federal agencies. By sharing data and presenting it on a map, we can offer better information to the public."

GSL used Esri’s free ArcGIS API for JavaScript in HillTop because it enables basic web mapping for customers and can support much more powerful geospatial applications in the future through ArcGIS Server technology. In addition, Esri web maps provide a customizable, interactive interface without embedded advertising that violates legislators’ vendor requirements.

To learn more about Esri, visit Free web and mobile APIs are available online through the ArcGIS Resource Center. For information on GSL Solutions and HillTop software, visit

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