Maptek Commences Operations in India

Innovative mining software developer, Maptek, has established an office in New Delhi to service the Indian mining market. 

India has a wealth of natural resources for internal consumption and export, with significant areas yet to be fully explored. The current challenge for the mining industry is to assess their potential to meet the demand for growth.

‘Maptek products can help meet the demand by miners for better technical capability. And since we always deliver support and supplier interaction where it’s needed, this is a great opportunity for Maptek to expand into India,’ said Maptek General Manager, Peter Johnson.

Experienced Indian staff have undertaken intensive training in Australia to become familiar with Maptek products and service delivery standards.

‘Maptek has the best products, and we are committed to delivering the best technical support and services for our customers in all regions,’ said Johnson. 

‘Considering the industrial growth and urbanisation of India, we know this is a favourable time to offer our solutions. We can do that better with a local presence.’

Maptek develops Vulcan mine planning and geological modelling software, I-Site 3D laser imaging systems and MineSuite production management information systems. Dedicated product support and expert consulting services ensure companies get value for their investment.

Maptek’s new office, inaugurated during the company’s 30th anniversary year, builds on a global network in Australasia, North and South America, Africa and Europe.

Please contact us in India or Australia through details below.

Indian Office
AB-26, Shalimar Bagh
New Delhi
Delhi – 110088
Telephone +91-9 2121 47520

Australian Offices –  Visit

About Maptek
Maptek creates, delivers and supports high quality technology and service solutions for the mining industry. Vulcan is the world’s leading mine planning software product, providing a powerful 3D environment for geological modelling, mine planning, optimisation, scheduling and design for all types of deposits and commodities. I-Site 3D laser scanning systems are the combination of long range laser scanning hardware and software tools developed specifically for mining applications. I-Site is the preferred solution by mine surveyors globally. MineSuite is a flexible production reporting, fleet management and information system, enabling managers to understand the links between operational results and day-to-day performance in the mine.