iXSea to Launch Smallest Inertial Navigation System in the World at ASPRS

iXSea will unveil QUADRANS at this year’s ASPRS Annual Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

QUADRANS is the most complete all-in-one, high-grade inertial navigation system ever designed for airborne and land survey applications.

QUADRANS offers sensors, a GPS, a data logger, and all the necessary interface systems and computing electronics together in one housing. ‘’We are delighted to introduce QUADRANS to the industry at ASPRS’’, said Stephane Loeul, Sales Director, iXSea. ‘’QUADRANS capitalizes on iXSea’s 25 years of experience in designing ITAR-free, fiber-optic gyroscope-based IMUs for applications as demanding as satellite stabilization and survey. We have spent a great deal of time and effort downsizing our field-proven fiber-optic gyroscope technology. The result is that we have managed to maintain high performance standards and keep the price of the product very attractive. The market has not seen a product like this before. Its performance makes it a valuable option for most UAV, LIDAR mapping, digital imaging and hyperspectral sensing applications. QUADRANS opens up new possibilities for users with limited budgets.’’

About iXBlue
The iXBlue group is built around companies, well known for their continuous innovation. The group provides a range of fine, high technology equipments, systems and turn-key solutions in the areas of navigation and surveillance, underwater positioning and communication, seabed imaging and surveying. iXBlue is able to combine its unique technologies, products, systems and services from across its subsidiaries to provide the kind of solutions that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. In 2010, iXBlue counts 500 employees for a turnover of 95 M€. To learn more about about iXBlue, visit the company’s website at www.ixblue.com

About iXSea
Formed in 2000, iXSea designs and manufactures navigation and positioning systems based on its stateof-the-art Fibre Optic Gyroscope technology, along with a complete range of mapping systems, software suite and acoustic releases for the scientific, civil engineering, offshore and defence industries. Solutions are designed for sea, land and air applications. To learn more about about iXSea, visit the company’s website at www.ixsea.com