Septentrio Announces Multi-GNSS Reference Station Receiver PolaRx4

Leuven, Belgium – Septentrio announces PolaRx4™, a versatile multi-frequency high performance GNSS receiver providing network operators and scientific users with high-quality tracking and measurement of all available and upcoming GNSS signals.

Innovative GNSS signal processing, extensive networking capabilities, robust design and a highly-valued intuitive user interface make this family an excellent choice as future-proof base station solution. Powered by Septentrio’s next generation multifrequency receiver engine, PolaRx4™ offers 264 hardware channels capable of simultaneously tracking GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and SBAS signals in L1, L2, L5 and E5ab/AltBOC bands. As recently announced, Septentrio’s versatile tracking engine also supports Beidou and GLONASS-K L3 CDMA signal tracking.

The receiver is powered with AIM+, Septentrio’s proprietary interference monitoring and mitigation firmware. It also features APME+, unique in its ability to mitigate both code and carrier multipath in the short-delay range. Short delay multipath is the most prevalent and damaging form of multipath in practical circumstances. Moreover, APME+ is the only multipath mitigation technique which identifies the amount of multipath present, and which can simultaneously provide data unaltered as well as with multipath eliminated.

The advanced user interface coupled with the receiver on-board internet connectivity enable the deployment of monitoring networks at minimal installation and maintenance cost, while its sturdy waterproof housing and low power consumption make installation of autonomous stations possible in the most harsh environment.

“PolaRx4™ builds on Septentrio’s tradition of providing immediate access to new signals as soon as they are deployed.” said Peter Grognard, Managing Director of Septentrio. “As recently demonstrated again with the tracking of the new GLONASS CDMA signal, Septentrio technology is extremely versatile and is the best investment in GNSS receiver technology in the current age of GNSS modernization and signal innovation.”

Septentrio will start shipping PolaRx4™ in the second quarter of 2011.

About Septentrio
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