The Schneider Corporation Announces Beacon Upgrade Program

Indianapolis — (April 6, 2011) — The Schneider Corporation, a provider of creative solutions for land, infrastructure and facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risk, today announced its’ rollout of the enhanced Beacon™ map engine.

Schneider has developed an upgrade to the existing Beacon™ map engine that will enhance the user experience when working with the map, improving existing and expanding functionality that the users are accustom to using. This upgrade of the Beacon™ map engine is now able to support multiple map server technologies, like ArcServer dynamic and tile caches, WMS, ESRI Base Maps, Google base maps, along with other pluggable architectures. It can support all modern map services, as well as easily adapting to future services. As a proven industry application, Beacon™ map engine works on multiple platforms, including all modern mobile devices. Users will see improved navigation, new tools, and expanded map; therefore, harnessing the best parts of back-end technologies and data services, delivering a seamless experience to all.

Beacon™ gives users 24/7access to a variety of integrated local government data including GIS, appraisal and tax information, and the data is updated daily. Beacon™ streamlines how the public interfaces with local government offices by consolidating searches of multiple offices into just one query that can be conducted from any computer or mobile device. The result is a more efficient way to obtain up-to-date information, as well as providing search, reporting and printer-friendly features. 

Beacon™ is used by over 250,000 unique users monthly searching more than 200 local governments, accessing 6.5 million parcels with an assessed value of $803 billion. On average, it saves individual user communities more than 25 hours per day in staff time-the equivalent of three full-time employees-normally spent servicing requests for the information now available on a self-service basis via the Beacon™ portal.

About The Schneider Corporation
The Schneider Corporation provides creative solutions for land, infrastructure and facilities projects that help increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risk. Schneider is a leader in providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions to hundreds of municipal, county, state, federal and private entities. Our additional expertise in engineering, surveying and architecture enables us to offer an integrated approach to complex projects. A woman-owned business for decades, Schneider is recognized nationally for its award-winning work. For more information about Schneider, please visit For more information about Schneider Beacon upgrade, please visit