JAVAD GNSS TRIUMPH-VS Software Updates Released

April 12, 2011 – JAVAD GNSS has achieved a new milestone in improving and adding new features to TRIUMPH-VS by releasing a new version of the software.

The improvements include:
• User interface is much faster now; about ten times faster! Now screens switch instantly.
• We implemented localization and local coordinate systems in a brand new way. It automatically matches your locals and surveyed points, which you put in two layers of map. You can easily survey directly in your local coordinate system.
• We improved Stakeout and Stake-Survey features.
• We invented and implemented RTK six pack V6 engine (patents pending). Six RTK engines work in parallel to produce the best results in all conditions.

Update your TRIUMPH-VS receiver directly via Internet by clicking TRIUMPH-VS Home/Support/Update Software buttons. (Establish Internet connection first.)

See details at

Video training on our web-site:
• Introduction to Triumph-VS• RTK with base station and UHF
• Maps & Points
• In the Field With RTK
• Draw (Manage Points)· VRS ( LAN, Fi-Fi, GPRS, NTRIP )
• Six Pack RTK V6 Engine
• Selecting local coordinate system
• Creating local coordinate system
• CoGo
• Introduction to GNSS Spectrum
• TRIUMPH-VS GNSS Spectrum Analyzer
• Stakeout and Stake-Survey
• Structure Monitoring
• Base station
• Support, update software, OAF
• Inside Batteries
Other Software
• JustinLink
• NetHub 
• NetView