Microsoft UltraMap 2.2 Released

Graz, Austria – April 7, 2011 – The Microsoft® UltraCam team is pleased to announce that UltraMap 2.2 and UltraMap/AT 2.2 has been released as of April 5, 2011 and will begin rolling-out to the UltraCam customer base April 6, 2011.

UltraMap 2.2 features new improvements to the Framework, the Raw Data Center, the Radiometry and the Viewer.

UltraMap/AT 2.2 includes significant new features such as a new User Interface and a revised and improved tie point strategy. This impacts the granularity of the AT tasks and leads to a reduced number of tasks but each task requires more time. We have been able to further improve the robustness of the algorithm. Also, automatization and results have been further enhanced, underscoring our commitment to provide our customers with industry-leading photogrammetric solutions.

• The software will be available for customers beginning April 6, 2011
• Customers whose current maintenance agreement entitles them to software upgrades through that date will receive download instructions and dongle upgrades from our implementation team
• Customers who do not have such a maintenance agreement should contact their sales representative for a purchase or upgrade quote for UltraMap 2.2 and UltraMap/AT 2.2

About Microsoft’s Photogrammetry Group
Microsoft’s Photogrammetry group brings more than two decades of photogrammetry expertise to Microsoft’s Bing Maps business unit with offerings that include its series of UltraCam photogrammetric digital aerial cameras and related software tools such as the UltraMap workflow software.