Call for Abstracts for ISPRS Joint Workshop on SDI, Oct 20-21, 2011, Guilin China

A call for abstracts has been issued for the ISPRS Joint-WG Workshop on "Geospatial Data Infrastructure: From Data Acquisition and Updating to Smarter Services" which will be held 20-21 October 2011 in Guilin China. Detailed information can be found in The 528Kb PDF workshop program can be downloaded HERE.

You are welcome to submit abstracts to the workshop via before April 30,2011.

The topics of the workshop will include:

Data Acquisition and Updating
– Creating, populating, accessing, indexing, and analyzing multi-dimensional, multi-scale, spatio-temporal image databases
– algorithms, processes and techniques for automated update, change detection and quality control of 3D geo-spatial databases from imagery and collateral sources
– Theoretical and operational aspects of incremental updating and versioning of vector and raster spatial databases

Database Creation and Maintenance
– Development of multi-level (national, regional and global) geospatial databases with multi-sources
– Database generation for digital topographic and thematic mapping (including orthoimages and digital terrain models)
– strategy and processes for efficient maintenance of multi-dimensional spatial databases at local, regional and global scales
– Synchronization of disparate geospatial resources
– integrating geo-spatial data with environmental and socio-economic data for research, discovery and web services
– Assessment of remote sensing data for generating and visualizing landscape and models
– security and versioning of spatial databases
– Planetary mapping and database generation" in the theme "Database Creating and Maintenance

Smarter Geo-spatial Services and Applications
– technologies for efficient data handling, distributed and federated repositories, visualization, service releasing and applications
– high performance networks and communication for broad access and ?end-to-end? coordination
– Application and assessment of advanced visualization, virtual reality and multimedia methods for 2-D, 3-D and 4-D mapping tasks in stand-alone, mobile or web-based environments
– Assessment of context-aware visualization and analysis of image data and geodatabases

Standards and Liaison
– open source principles, metadata and open standards of service, system architectures, and geospatial information
– Cooperation and liaison with international efforts (GEOSS, Digital Earth, UNSDI, INSPIRE and GMES), and organizations (GSDI, WGISS, ICA, OGC, W3C, ISO and EuroSDR)

We are looking forward to seeing you in the beautiful city Guilin, China.


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