UNAVCO's Geohazards Supersite a Good Source of Information about the Japan Earthquake

The GEO Geohazards Supersite website pages include preliminary results contributed by researchers. The copyright of these results remains with the contributors. Any reuse of the material posted requires permission from the copyright holders, unless otherwise specified.

Welcome to GEO’s Tohoku-oki Event Supersite Website

A message from GEO’s task lead

Dear Supersites Scientist,

Let me express my deepest condolences to the people of Japan affected by this tragic earthquake and tsunami. This disaster is the first time that multiple space agencies openly provide SAR data for scientific use. We have to report to the agencies on how the data and this website was used. Please take some time to provide your feedback by writing to supersites_feedback@unavco.org. Particularly valuable are anecdotes on how this website facilitated the understanding of the tectonic processes in Japan, how it made your work more efficient, and how it was used for event response, outreach and education. We want to use your experience to argue for open data provision in the future. We also welcome suggestions for improvement.

Falk Amelung
Lead, GEO’s Geohazard Supersites Task
University of Miami