Blue Marble’s GeoCalc Engine Now Supports Time Stamped Coordinate Reference Frames

Gardiner, Maine – March 28, 2011- Blue Marble Geographics ( announces the release of the latest version of GeoCalc 6.4.5 coordinate transformation library and toolkit. One of the major enhancements of this release supports time stamped coordinate reference frames, which are critical for highly accurate mapping in areas of the earth where there is tectonic shifting and movement of the earth’s crust.  GeoCalc can be used alone or it can be part of Blue Marble’s developer tool kit, GeoCore 2.0, the all in one geospatial data management development package combining Blue Marble’s most popular and powerful software development tools. Additionally GeoCalc is a great tool for augmenting Esri’s ArcGIS with many interoperable features for adding coordinate objects and quality assurance for coordinate transformation results. Blue Marble’s geospatial data manipulation and conversion solutions are used worldwide by thousands of GIS analysts at software companies, universities, oil and gas companies, civil engineering, surveying, technology, enterprise GIS groups, government and military organizations.

GeoCalc 6.4.5 is a fully object-oriented class library and coordinate object datasource for software developers, that now provides support for Horizontal Time Dependant Positioning (HTDP) for date stamped coordinate reference frames; Alberta Township System (ATS) land grids, as well as new Geoid definitions. Another addition to GeoCalc is the improved handling for NULL strings using the GeoCalc point formatting code base. Blue Marble has also made using GeoCalc more streamlined by updating the change log, making visualizing the audit trail tool easier for the developer to utilize. All of this functionality is well tested as it was first made available to desktop users of the Geographic Calculator.

“This release of GeoCalc is unfortunately very timely as GIS users around the world deal with the challenges of earth quakes in relation to highly accurate mapping,” stated Blue Marble’s President Patrick Cunningham.  “We are hopeful that our HTDP support can be expanded to address international reference frames and are expecting to see our developer community customize these tools just for that purpose.”

About Blue Marble Geographics
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