Japan Nuclear Impact, Earthquake, and Tsunami Map Apps Made Available by Esri

These applications visualize a wealth of data. See aggregated reports of property damage, hazards, evacuations, and power outages; you can also view nuclear plants at risk and related demographic information, videos, photos and Ushahidi reports related to radiation.

The applications show initial impacts of the disaster—such as a model of tsunami movement throughout the Pacific Ocean and the permanent shift in landmass as a result of the quake—to what’s taking place now, as reported by people on the ground(via Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr).

Nuclear Impact Map
See the location of Japan’s nuclear plants relative to population, as well as information reported by the community.

How Japan Shifted
Get an idea of how much the earth shifted in Japan after the earthquake.

Tsunami Movement
See a dynamic map of tsunami movement throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Social Media Map
This map pulls in social media related to the recent events in Japan.

Trends Map
Access trend analysis to visualize community reports related to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.