Gatewing X100 Revolutionizing Aerial Mapping

Imagine being able to do highly accurate mapping, whenever and wherever you need to, even in weather conditions that are not considered optimum for conventional photogrammetry (winds, light rain, cloud cover), whilst staying with both your feet on the ground and all this at a reasonable price! Introducing the Gatewing X100 revolutionary terrain mapping system.

The Gatewing X100 is a game changer because this system is revolutionizing the surveying and mapping industry like never before. The Gatewing concept consists of two main steps: image acquisition and image processing.

The image acquisition part is conducted using the X100 light unmanned aircraft with a calibrated high quality digital camera on board which makes images with a resolution of 5 cm from a default flying altitude of 150m. The ground sample distance can be altered by changing the flying altitude.

The power of the system is that the flights are conducted in a fully automated way, from launch to landing so you don’t need any piloting skills to fly the aircraft. Instead you just facilitate its operation, which includes indicating the area to be covered, and picking a takeoff and landing spot. Just plan the area that needs to be scanned using a simple software tool, launch and let the X100 cover the pre-defined area through parallel sweeps following a regular shape when taking high quality pictures with an overlap of 75%. The ground control station is used to monitor the flight and allows an on-site image quality check. The body was custom-designed by Gatewing engineers to be extremely strong yet extremely power efficient which allows covering areas up to 1.5 km2.

Due to the lightweight patent-pending EPP body with carbon frame inside and built-in fail-safe procedures, the X100 is the safest unmanned aircraft ever made. This is a crucial element for acquiring flight permits and insurance for civil or commercial tasks. Also the operability in different weather conditions was priority major design decision when developing the X100. It still operates perfectly in heat, cold, light rain and even in wind speeds up to 65 km/h! The X100 packs some amazing technology in a 2.0kg platform with a wingspan of only 100cm, so it’s easy to carry and use everywhere. All these factors make the Gatewing X100 the world’s fastest and easiest to use professional surveying tool.

The Gatewing X100 image acquisition is made to be compatible with a growing list of software packages which convert the high quality images into a true orthophoto or a digital terrain model (DTM). The great thing about the processing part is that it is fully automated, so again no great expertise required here for finalizing most projects. The quality of the results is astonishing! Razor sharp, no artifacts, deep colors, and above all the spatial accuracy which makes it ideal as a professional survey and mapping tool.

For a better view on how the Gatewing X100 works, please check out the product movie:

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