FODIS Measure3D – The Next Generation of Imaging Solution for 3D Measurement

Lustdorf / Switzerland – 17 March 2011. Swiss company FODIS introduces FODIS Measure3D, a combination of a fast high resolution 360° panorama camera with innovative software packages, allowing direct 3D measurement in RGB images rapidly and accurately.

FODIS Measure3D is revolutionary because it allows significant savings in field and office work, thereby multiplying productivity.

As a first step, the operator takes the FODIS camera to the field and captures the high resolution panoramic images required for the 3D measurement. The images are taken from several vantage points (stations) and saved directly to computer disk. 360° image acquisition of for example 300 Megapixels takes typically 5 seconds. The camera set-up, image scanning and saving take on average only 3 minutes per station.

In a second step, these images are transferred to the office computer and imported in the FODIS Measure3D software. In the software the images are orientated and as a result, the operator can directly see the stations in 3D. Following image orientation the operator can get started immediately with 3D measurements. These 3D measurements can be performed on the images or 3D points.

The output of measurement is 3D point coordinates and 3D distances that are exported as a text or as a dxf file.

The camera is engineered for a maximum of precision and reliability, which translates into a highly accurate pixel registration. Combined with advanced methods of camera calibration and new software algorithms the system achieves an accuracy of on average 1mm in 10 metres.

This highly accurate and reliable output and the outstanding productivity of FODIS Measure3D make the system a perfect solution for many challenging applications. For example, the system can be used by an engineering team to rapidly establish measurements of a new construction site. Another application is the inspection of buildings or pipes over time where FODIS Measure3D can make a critical difference in productivity and accuracy. Also, street mapping and mobile scanning are fields in which the FODIS system can significantly reduce the time spent on 3D measurements.

FODIS Measure3D opens a variety of new possibilities to enhance the production line. Viewing 360° images is a natural way for the human being to perceive an environment. The revolutionary FODIS Measure3D software algorithms give the operator the ability to process data directly from RGB images. In other words, the workflow becomes extremely intuitive, natural and realistic.

Compared to existing methods FODIS Measure3D allows many advantages. The 360° panoramas are very rich in information content and capture the entire scene very quickly, eliminating the risk of missing an image or measurement and having to return to the field. The measurement range of the system can be adapted flexibly to different scenes simply by changing the lens, covering distances from 1m up to 2km and even farther.

To establish the 3D measurements with a single frame camera, many images need to be captured. With FODIS Measure3D, however, only few panoramas are necessary. With the FODIS Measure3D system only one camera or software operator is required, while for total stations more staff is involved in the actual measurement process. Finally, compared with laser scanners the FODIS system allows measurement on demand rather than creating a point cloud of the scene as a whole, making the entire workflow much faster.

To facilitate the testing and demonstration of this new equipment, FODIS introduces several communication options. With “screen sharing” FODIS provides a very effective and convenient way to get directly in touch with a FODIS expert from the comfort of your own office. For those customers requiring a more detailed and practical approach, FODIS organises workshops at their office in Switzerland or if possible at the customer location. Additionally, a fully functional software demo with a sample project can be ordered to get a direct experience with the FODIS product.

FODIS Measure3D is available as of May 2011 directly from FODIS or via the FODIS distribution network.

For further information and images of the FODIS camera in print quality please visit the FODIS website at