New versions of Topcon SurveyMaster Provide Field-to-Finish Control

Livermore, Calif. – March 14, 2011 – New versions of Topcon Positioning Systems’ (TPS) SurveyMaster software suite have been released. SurveyMaster and SurveyMaster Lite versions 1.3.1 are designed to provide field-to-finish control of critical data flow from data collection, raw file analysis and engineering design, to final print.

“Whether it’s a simple mortgage inspection with a one-page printout of the boundary and the property improvements, or a complicated multi-surface construction job site with roads, utilities, machine control and buildings, SurveyMaster provides what the user needs to complete a project,” said Jason Hallett, TPS senior manager for application software.

SurveyMaster Lite contains land survey specific functionality as well as a powerful CAD drafting engine. Cogo, drafting tools, survey data editors and adjustments, deed entry, legal description writer and contouring are all provided. “SurveyMaster Lite provides all the tools required to produce a final plat whether it is a simple mortgage inspection survey or a complicated A.L.T.A. survey,” Hallett said.

Version 1.3.1 is designed to greatly improve the support and representation of field data using Topcon field software. Among the improvements for both SurveyMaster and SurveyMaster Lite v1.3.1 are:
• New program attribute library containing attribute definitions for points, lines, polygon areas and unlimited user-defined attributes for project lines, points and polygon areas;
• Revised survey code attribute definitions;
• Improved TopSurv file linework support;
• Improved Text/ASCII point file import;
• Improved AutoCAD dwg support;
• Improved Import/Export of 3DMC TP3 files; and
• New survey code interface and format.

“SurveyMaster v1.3.1 further strengthens an already powerful and accurate Topcon field-to-finish system,” Hallett said. “SurveyMaster provides the complete survey CAD desktop solution.”

About Topcon Positioning Systems
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. (TPS) designs and manufactures precise positioning products and solutions for the global surveying, construction, agriculture, civil engineering, mapping and GIS, asset management and mobile control markets. TPS’ parent company, Topcon Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange – 7732), was founded in 1932.