Fenstermaker Announces Retirement, Appointment and New Survey License

Robby Trahan Takes Over as State Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Officially retiring at the end of 2010, Della Prudhomme has left the Fenstermaker team with our best wishes. Robby Trahan (right), our new State Regulatory Compliance Specialist, will assume all of her prior duties, including the DNR-Office of Conservation’s regulatory submittals and permits. Ms. Trahan began working in the regulatory field in June 1996 with the Lafayette District Office of Conservation. Over the course of five years, she worked her way up to Mineral Production Analyst. In 2006, she joined the Fenstermaker team as a Regulatory Specialist. For future regulatory assistance, please contact Ms. Trahan at 337.237.2200 or robby@fenstermaker.com.

Jeremy Soirez Receives Professional Land Surveyor Designation
Jeremy Soirez, a Unit Manager in Fenstermaker’s Survey Division, recently passed his PLS exam to become a Professional Land Surveyor in the state of Louisiana. Mr. Soirez graduated from Louisiana State University in 2004 with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. Prior to joining Fenstermaker in June of 2006, he worked as a Wireline Engineer for Schlumberger. At Fenstermaker, Mr. Soirez’s primary responsibilities include overseeing survey projects in North Louisiana and Texas.