Dunham & Morrow Introduces the DML2000-XR & DML2000-XRM Magnetic Locator

The World’s Most Sensitive Magnetic Locator

Dunham & Morrow takes great pleasure in introducing a new product, the model DML2000-XR magnetic locator, where the XR stands for eXtended Range. If you’re happy with the old style, sensitivity settings #1 thru #4 are unchanged and setting #5 is the same as the old setting #6. But if you are working at the extreme end, then the new model DML2000-XR is the instrument for you. Sensitivity setting #6 now has a sensitivity that is more than double that of the old unit.  

Features include:
• Audio Output – Variable Frequency (20 – 3,200) Hertz
• Visual Display – Model DML2000-XRM Only
• 3½ Digit LCD Panel Meter (0 to ± 1999)
• Six Sensitivity Settings
• 40 Hours of operation from 4 “AA” Alkaline batteries (increases to over 80 hours when lithium batteries are used).
• Low Battery Indicator – RED Flashing LED
• Optional Analog/Data Logger output – available upon request
• Weighs only 1.8 pounds

Depth chart information
The depths outlined here are typical responses. However, there have been numerous instances where targets have been located at greater depths. In almost every case, the magnetic locator operator knew how to get the maximum out of his instrument. He was magnetically clean, his search area contained a minimum amount of trash metal, and he held his instrument in a vertical position while using the instrument on the maximum sensitivity setting:
Iron Marker (3/4” Dia. X 18”)    8 – 11 feet
Cast-Iron Pipe (4” Pipe)           6 – 9 feet
Manhole Cover                       5 – 7 feet
Well Casing                           12 – 16 feet
PK Nail (1½”)                         10 – 13 inches
Iron Valve                             6 – 9 feet
55 Gallon Drum                       7 – 10 feet
Septic Tank (Handles)             6 – 9 feet

Lifetime Warranty
All Dunham & Morrow magnetic locators are warranted to the original purchaser to perform failure free for the life of the product, which is no less than 25 years from the date of purchase. Dunham & Morrow will repair or replace any defective magnetic locator, provided that such magnetic locator has not been subject to abuse, misuse, neglect, modification, nor been repaired by anyone other than DMI or its authorized representative. The batteries are specifically excluded from this warranty, as is exposure of the electronics to battery acid corrosion.

For more information, please visit www.magneticlocator.com