JAVAD GNSS Announces Netview for Receiver Control

NetView is a free application allowing the user to easily control JAVAD GNSS receivers, i.e. allowing efficiently managing receiver parameters and commands via a user friendly graphical interface.

NetView software provides the following functionality:
• Directly connect to the receiver, using one of the following interfaces: serial, USB, TCP/IP (through the Ethernet ports or Wi-Fi adapter), Secure TCP/IP (SSL/TSL), Bluetooth, CAN (Kvaser CAN Interface).
• 5 slots to store the most frequently used connection settings.
• Real time sattelites mapping.
• Setup of various parameters of receiver.
• Clear NVRAM, receiver reset, return to the initial parameter values.
• Start and stop file recording, deleting files, downloading files using file manager.
• View the currently enabled receiver options; upload Options to the receiver.
• Manual mode terminal allows sending commands with prompt tip and view receiver response. This terminal supports a TCL script language to automate the "common" receiver control tasks.
• Connecting to multiple receivers.
• Support for multiple connections to the receiver for optimized simultaneous work.
• Update firmware direct from the JAVAD GNSS website by the user request. (Support is available starting with firmware version 3.2.1).

More information HERE.