Spatial Information Solutions Announces Release of Accuracy Analyst Version 3.0

Starkville, Miss., 21 February 2011 — Spatial Information Solutions, Inc. (SIS) announces the release of version 3.0 of its flagship software product, Accuracy Analyst™. SIS has received invaluable feedback from many of its supportive customers and has used that advice to add more features that will allow users to complete projects faster and more efficiently than in the past. Dr. Charles O’Hara, SIS President, said version 3.0 includes “tools for automated, consistent, and standard review of data with an overview, complete tracking, and full scale control.” O’Hara also added that the ReViewer tool “should allow you to very efficiently review data, mark it up, and do a lot of other things here that were not previously in AA and are not present in any other software – period.”

For people who have not yet used Accuracy Analyst, the key message is that this stand-alone program provides fast, powerful, flexible time-saving capabilities to plan, verify, quality check, deliver, review, and accept orthophoto data sets. Existing customers have stated the tool eliminates “over 95% of the time and cost to verify, document, and quality assure the locational accuracy of orthophoto products.” Others have commented that the time savings are great, but what they really appreciate is “the great report that fully documents the data verification and presents results in an easily understood and consistent format.” Another customer stated that while a typical project may take over 5 days to check and report, “a member of our team was trained in a morning and completed five reports within a few hours that same day. We would still have been thinking about starting the first project in the time that all five were completed.” The tool is easily mastered and adapts readily to existing workflows replacing inefficient methods without lost time or delays to time-sensitive production processes.

Below is a list of some of the enhancements users will receive with version 3.0:
• Fixed scale review allows you to set a review scale and auto-step / pan through the data. The zoom tools now all report scale and are linked together for increased ease of use. • The review tracking trail includes an overview map that provides a trail for the areas reviewed and a box for the current fixed scale zoom setting. The tracking trail is saved as a CSV file and may be exported, appended with other files, and loaded for a complete overview of the review process for large projects.
• Geo referenced image chip export allows you to easily create and use image chips for check points, call outs, and planned survey locations.
• Reporting of additional statistics for NSSDA, ASPRS, and other error stats have been requested and are fully implemented.
• Checkpoint planning allows you to use existing image data and an enhanced interface to plan survey locations for optimizing control and checkpoint acquisition.
• Options management enables you to create options that speed your review process and allow you to load and use options specific to projects and their requirements.
• Enhanced review and feedback tools provide fixed scale review, auto-step panning, and creation of a trail that may be easily seen in the overview plot. In addition, each point in the review process is time stamped and has the initials of the analyst and may be exported as a CSV file. You can split up your review process among analysts, track their progress, and fully manage and measure the review and QC process.

Following a brief (10 day) release candidate test period, version 3.0 will be released to the full market. If you would like to participate in the testing, email Charles O’Hara, A five-and-a-half minute video “Getting Started with Accuracy Analyst” is also available:

About Spatial Information Solutions, Inc.
Spatial Information Solutions, Inc. (SIS), of Starkville, Mississippi, was formed in 2006 as a spin-off company from Mississippi State University. Through its flagship product, Accuracy Analyst™ version 3.0, SIS provides software-based map accuracy and content enhancement solutions that enable its customers to map with confidence. For more information, visit