Airborne 1 Corp. and GeoDigital Int’l Expand LiDAR & Imaging Capabilities of Helicopter Operators, Mapping & Engineering Firms

Los Angeles, California – February 4, 2011 – Airborne 1 announced today the availability of a new range of LiDAR & Advanced Imaging sensor suites available to meet the needs of fixed-wing and helicopter operators, engineering, and mapping firms and departments.  Teaming solutions include hardware rentals, fractional ownership, training, & personnel.  The firm through its relationship with GeoDigital will now be able to deploy a variety of high-precision remote sensing packages specifically tailored for high-altitude, low-altitude, and street-level mapping.

Traditionally, projects requiring a fusion of street-level and aerial LiDAR and imaging datasets required multiple contractors. Smaller LiDAR firms typically service one or two segments of the altitude spectrum, which is typically divided into three classes of service:
Fixed-Wing:  various flight altitudes from fixed-wing platforms.  Typically used for wide area mapping applications like flood plain or natural resource mapping with LiDAR point densities of a few points per sq meter and typically half foot image resolution and accuracy.
Helicopter: Helicopter-Mounted, High Precision Corridor LiDAR & Imaging Sensors for Utilities, Energy firms, Rail, Fiber, DOT, and other linear mapping projects with LiDAR point densities of a few tens of points per sq meter and image resolutions and accuracy  of a few centimeters.
Street-Level:  Vehicle, Rail, and Vessel-Mounted High-Precision LiDAR & Imaging Sensors providing LiDAR point densities of hundreds of points per sq meter and   engineering survey grade datasets

With the addition of a full spectrum of sensor suites, Airborne 1 is now enabling mapping and flight professionals to generate more revenue, reduce costs, improve accuracies, and compete with true state-of-the-art technology arena while avoiding large capital investments in quickly depreciating assets.

Many of the technologies being offered were developed by GeoDigital and its technology partner PV Labs for military, Film and Cinema applications.  With the acquisition of Airborne 1 by GeoDigital International in Q3 2010, these technologies will now be made available to fixed and rotary wing Aircraft Operators, Engineering Firms and Mapping Professionals via a range of innovative partnering alternatives.