Another First: JAVAD GNSS Receivers Track Chinese Compass (Beidou-2)

With modified firmware, all JAVAD GNSS receivers can track Chinese Compass B1 signal now. This is 6th GNSS system supported by JAVAD GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo (Giove), SBAS (Egnos), QZSS, Compass). Log file, collected on TR_G3TH board in Moscow during weekend, reported up to 26 (!) satellites locked simultaneously see picture below.

Note: Click HERE for larger images (and then click on each individual image)

Among them:

11 GPS satellites with C/A, P1, P2, L2C, L5;
8 Glonass satellites with C/A, P1, P2, L2C;
1 Galileo (Giove) satellite with E1, E5A;
2 SBAS (Egnos) satellite with C/A;
1 QZSS satellite with C/A, SAIF, L2C, L5, L1C
3 Compass satellites with B1.

Compass system currently consists of 6 alive satellites, 4 of them are visible in Moscow: compass-g3, compass-igso1, compass-igso2 and compass-m1. Their day track is shown on next picture. 

Below are Doppler, SNR and "code-minus-phase" graphs for all these satellites (g3=211, igso1=212, igso2=213, m1=214), collected during their pass:





JAVAD GNSS will add Compass tracking to almost all receivers in near future (firmware upgrade).