ArcGIS Users Gain Wider Spatial Data Access with FME 2011

Vancouver, BC, February 2, 2011 – Safe Software, the global leader in spatial data transformation, today announced that Esri® ArcGIS® users can now gain wider access to spatial data with the latest release of FME® technology.

The power behind the Esri Data Interoperability extension, FME technology expands the format reach of ArcGIS to over 250 spatial and non-spatial formats, including CAD, GIS, raster, database, 3D, BIM, web and point cloud. ArcGIS users can now streamline their otherwise time-consuming data integration challenges.

FME now offers ArcGIS users access to more cloud data formats including Microsoft® Windows Azure™, Microsoft SQL Azure™, Microsoft OGDI and Google™ Spreadsheets. Plus, FME now empowers ArcGIS users to transform point cloud datasets for downstream analysis in ArcGIS with support for popular LiDAR formats LAS (multiple versions), Pointools POD ( and XYZ ASCII.

This extended format reach combined with FME’s powerful data transformation capabilities gives ArcGIS users new and increased possibilities for bringing spatial data together from disparate sources to use and share.

Recently, San Antonio Water System (SAWS) triumphed over significant data conversion challenges by harnessing the power of FME technology to bring disparate data into their web-enabled GIS – all without leaving their ArcGIS environment. Their GIS now provides a seamless view of their service area and the core datasets for an asset management system.

"Without FME, we would have needed to double our team to accomplish what we did with a few people’s effort," says Cindy Tuttle, SAWS GIS Manager. "In fact, we estimate the money saved in our first year alone is nearly $1,000,000."

"This Data Interoperability extension for ArcGIS has truly allowed us to be much more productive in much less time with far fewer people, and with much higher quality results," adds Larry Phillips, GIS Tech II at SAWS. "We have significantly reduced labor efforts, and we now have a seamless environment to analyze our business with far better intelligence."

FME is fully integrated with ArcGIS, including Esri’s latest version 10 release. Plugging directly into ArcGIS, FME enables users to:
• Browse the 250+ formats FME supports directly in ArcCatalog®
• Create maps with non-Esri formats directly within ArcMap®, and automatically view the latest data when the map is refreshed
• Extend the reach of Esri’s geoprocessing capabilities through FME’s format support and data conversion

For nearly 15 years, the partnership between Safe Software and ESRI has enabled ArcGIS users to access the data they need to use within their ESRI environment. The tight integration between FME and ArcGIS enables users to work with non-native formats in their analyses, geoprocessing and visualizations, and restructure data models within the familiarity of ArcGIS.

Organizations interested in learning more can join Safe Software’s upcoming webinar on February 10, 2011 which will demonstrate how FME opens up spatial data access directly within ArcGIS. Individuals can register at or learn more at

About Safe Software and FME
Safe Software Inc. is the maker of FME® and the global leader in spatial data transformation technology. FME makes it possible to transform spatial data to use and share. It solves more spatial data transformation challenges across more formats than any other solution, making it easier for professionals to solve data interoperability headaches and help their organizations meet their business goals and required standards. Today, FME is the dominant technology for spatial data transformation. It powers our FME Desktop and Server software and the solutions of more leading spatial data application vendors than any other technology. It’s used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide across a wide range of industries. Learn more about achieving total spatial data mastery at