CAARS Purchases Three Additional UltraCam Aerial Cameras

Graz, Austria — January 28, 2011 — China Aviation Aero Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. (CAARS), has contracted with Vexcel Imaging GmbH, a Microsoft® company, to purchase three UltraCamLp digital aerial camera systems. The transaction was brokered by Vexcel Imaging affiliates Imagemaps Pte. Ltd. and Beijing Siwei.

”Adding three UltraCamLp cameras to our UltraCamD and UltraCamXp cameras will help us meet the rapidly growing demand for aerial mapping in China,” stated Mr. Xiang Yu, General Manager, CAARS. “We feel that the UltraCamLp cameras will perfectly complement our existing digital and film-based aerial resources.”

The UltraCamLp combines innovative hardware, electronics and software that result in a lighter, more compact camera system, so it is suitable for smaller aircraft and projects requiring a rapid response. However, the camera provides the same high geometric accuracy, broad dynamic range, stereo capabilities, and full metric capabilities as the UltraCamX, UltraCamXp, and UltraCamXp Wide Angle large-format cameras.

“CAARS now owns six UltraCam cameras and is the largest UltraCam customer in the Asia Pacific region,” said Alexander Wiechert, Business Director of Microsoft and Managing Director for Vexcel Imaging GmbH. “By choosing the UltraCamLp cameras, CAARS benefits from compatibility with its existing digital workflow, as well as new flexibility to fit the cameras into smaller aircraft.”

About the UltraCamLp
The UltraCamLp offers the functionality of a large-format camera in a compact package, setting a new price/performance standard for photogrammetric imaging operations. The camera collects five spectral bands per exposure: red, green, blue and near-infrared data, in addition to the higher-resolution panchromatic data. The UltraCamLp features an image footprint collection capacity of 92 megapixels (11,704 x 7,920 pixels pan), made possible through new electronics and a smaller CCD array of just 6 µm. The system is ideal for smaller large-scale and photogrammetric projects, high-resolution (true) orthophoto production, DSM (digital surface model) production, aerotriangulation, corridor mapping, classification, and lidar integration.

About Vexcel Imaging, GmbH
Acquired by Microsoft Corporation in May 2006, Vexcel Imaging GmbH brings more than two decades of photogrammetry expertise to Microsoft’s Bing Maps business unit and is at the heart of the burgeoning Microsoft photogrammetry business. The company’s offerings include its series of UltraCam photogrammetric digital aerial cameras and related software tools such as the UltraMap 2.1 workflow software.

About China Aviation Aero Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. (CAARS)
CAARS is a subsidiary of China Siwei Surveying & Mapping Technology Corporation (CSMTC) that provides professional surveying, aerial mapping and photogrammetric services. Since its founding in 1992, CAARS has grown into one of the largest aerial mapping companies in China. It has mapped over 50% of China’s terrain and works extensively with the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping. For more information, go to or, or contact by telephone 010-51286377 or email

About Imagemaps Pte. Ltd.
Imagemaps Pte. Ltd. is a leading sensor solutions provider in the Asia Pacific region with extensive experience in aerial sensing technologies and geospatial solutions. Its airborne sensor solutions include digital mapping cameras, lidar systems, inertial measurement and positional systems, digital photogrammetry and imaging technology, lidar data processing and workflow management of large multimedia spatial databases. Imagemaps is Microsoft’s sales representative responsible for distribution of its aerial mapping products in the People’s Republic of China, India, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar). For more information, please go to

About Beijing Siwei
Beijing Siwei Spatial Data Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing Siwei) is a subsidiary of the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping directly under the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping. Beijing Siwei was founded in 2001, and its core business is remote sensing engineering; geospatial data processing and solutions; and system integration and development. The company employs more than 100 staff members and has a subsidiary in Inner Mongolia which specializes in providing professional services in geospatial projects. Beijing Siwei was awarded with National Mapping Grade A Certification by the Chinese Government and is GJB9001A-2001 and ISO 9001 certified. For more information, go to