BIM KIOSK – Bridging the Digital Gap Between Project Management and Field Crews

San Francisco, January 2011 – The BIM KIOSK, developed by Modulus Consulting, is an industrial-grade computer system used by construction foremen beyond the confines of the job site trailer. By creating an access point for key field personnel, the BIM KIOSK facilitates more interaction and more data sharing at the field level, avoiding errors and delays in the current fast pace of construction communication.

The components of the BIM KIOSK have been carefully selected to withstand difficult field conditions. The 46” industrial-grade touch screen LCD panel replicates the format of large scale drawings. A battery-powered backup filters the sometimes erratic power at jobsites, ensuring data reliability if there is power failure. Building Information Models, electronic drawings, online safety information, project documentation, and more are always at the fingertips of those who need it most –the project foremen leading the installation in the field. The units are installed with both wireless and wired technology and can be fully customized to users’ unique specifications and needs. Security of both data and the equipment has been carefully thought out.

According to Brett Young, managing principal of Modulus Consulting, “There’s a digital information gap on construction projects at the foreman level. The BIM KIOSK solves this by providing access to key project personnel normally not well connected to the digital pulse of projects. The BIM KIOSK will change the culture of project sites by changing how information flows.”

"The days of lugging around a roll of drawings are over and having BIM in a box out in the field among trade personnel will be an invaluable tool to ensure we are building with the most up to date coordinated design drawings," said user Greg Chauhan, Construction Manager for Webcor Builders.

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