Mass Surveying Planned to Commemorate National Surveyors Week

Surveyors across the US are being urged to get out their GPS or GNSS equipment and take part in an event in March that will celebrate the whole surveying profession and kick off National Surveyors Week.

The mass-surveying will take place on Saturday, 19 March, with each state organising their own activities to highlight the importance of skilled surveyors and surveying practices in modern society. The event is being co-ordinated nationally by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS).

The head of the NSPS’s Montana division, Debi Anderson, said they were hoping to raise people’s knowledge of surveying and perhaps even spark interest in young people who could turn into the surveyors of the future.

"We have some states holding Lincoln memorials, while others are highlighting special monuments in their state," she said. "Ideally, surveyors at each location will be available to answer questions about the event and discuss the role of surveyors in the community. It’s a great opportunity for surveyors to share what they do."

Anderson said they were starting a set surveying action at exactly the same time across the country on 19 March. She said they hoped to gather all the information from that action to help the National Geographic Service update specific points and gather data for the national Height Modernisation Programme.