ERDAS LPS 2011 Now Available!

Norcross, GA, USA — ERDAS proudly announces the official release of LPS 2011, now available for download on the ERDAS website.

LPS is a powerful, workflow-oriented photogrammetry system for production mapping, including full analytical triangulation, the generation of digital terrain models, orthophoto production, mosaicking, and 3D feature extraction.  

It supports panchromatic, color and multispectral imagery with up to 16 bits per band and hundreds of different coordinate systems and map projections.  LPS increases accuracy through state-of-the-art photogrammetric and image processing algorithms for automatic point measurement, triangulation, automatic terrain extraction and subpixel point positioning. Accuracy reports, built-in data quality checks, and editing tools make it easy to maintain unwavering levels of quality.

A key theme for LPS 2011 is the optimization of productivity and efficiency.  Many of these gains are accomplished through distributed processing, which enables users to leverage multi-core CPUs and multiple networked servers to increase production throughput and accelerate processes like ortho generation.  LPS 2011 combines its existing batch processing capabilities with Condor (third-party software available for free download) to harness the power of several networked computers for high throughput ortho generation. 

LPS eATE is an add-on module for LPS that derives dense point clouds from stereo imagery. For this release, LPS eATE adds the ability to distribute the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) merging process to the existing ability to distribute terrain extraction, further reducing overall processing time. 

LPS 2011 also provides gains in efficiency.  Users can now generate orthophotos for an area of interest defined by a shapefile or AOI, excluding unnecessary pixels from processing and reducing the time and resources required for the ortho production process. Additionally, the Stereo Point Measurement (SPM) Tool now supports the use of multiple orthophotos (base maps) as a horizontal reference source of ground control points. Orthophotos are conveniently shown in the image list based on the degree of overlap with the master image and users can easily identify reference points in stereo and mono modes.

“LPS has always been a powerful application, offering professional photogrammetrists a wide variety of tools and options for generating accurate products.  As production mapping shops face higher demand, they in turn demanded a product that would allow them to produce more, efficiently, cost-effectively, and with the same high standard of accuracy they’ve come to expect from ERDAS.  LPS 2011 delivers all that and more,” said Steve du Plessis, Photogrammetry Product Line Director, ERDAS.

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