Global Mapper v12.01 Available – Adds 10m NED and OSM/TMS Source Access

Global Mapper Software LLC is excited to announce the availability of our next release, Global Mapper v12.01, at Just download that file and run it to install v12.01. If you need the 64-bit version you can download and install that from

Numerous significant enhancements and bug fixes have been made to Global Mapper for this release. The most significant changes are described below:
• Added built-in access to 1/3rd arc second (~10m resolution) US NED terrain data using the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command.
• Added option to export tiles conforming to the OSM (OpenStreetMaps) and TMS (Tile Map Service) standards for tile naming and zoom levels.
• Added support for adding new custom OSM/TMS online tile sources on the
File->Download Online Imagery/Data dialog.
• Added support for exporting loaded data to BSB Marine Chart format files.
• Added ability to improve display of 3D view by selecting the size of the terrain and texture layers to use when displaying the 3D view and also interpolating view of data draped from main map view. You can increase the terrain and texture sizes to get a more detailed (but slower) display.
• Added option to create area features from equal colors/elevations in any loaded raster/elevation layer by right-clicking on it in the Control Center and selecting the new option to do so. This is useful for things like extracting vector coverages from something like a land use/cover raster image, like NLCD data.
• Updated watershed analysis to allow finding the drainage areas that drain to a selected point as well as to trace the flow leaving selected points.
• Added support for using overview layers from Erdas Imagine .img files when rendering, greatly speeding rendering of very large .img files with overview layers.

All of the other numerous changes are listed in the What’s New document that is displayed during installation.

Global Mapper v12.01 is a free upgrade for any existing registered v12 users. Pricing for new Global Mapper v12 licenses is $349 US for a new single license, $299 US per license for 2-19 licenses, and $249 US per license for 20 or more licenses. Users with licenses for Global Mapper v11.xx can purchase an upgrade to v12.01 for only $129 US per license. Site license pricing is also available on request. As always, upgrades and new licenses can be purchased from the Purchase page at