ION GNSS 2011 Call For Papers

ION GNSS 2011 Conference Accepting Abstract Submissions

Manassas, Virginia, January 11, 2011 – Abstract submissions are now being accepted for the Institute of Navigation’s (ION) GNSS 2011. The conference will take place September 20-23, 2011 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

Instructions on submitting your abstract can be found at:

ION GNSS 2011 is the world’s largest technical meeting and showcase of GNSS technology, products and services and brings together thought-leaders in the field to present new research, introduce new technologies, and exchange ideas.

This year’s conference will feature pre-conference tutorials September 19 & 20, 2011 and more than 250 technical papers on a diverse array of topics including:
• Advanced Multi-Constellation Integrity Concepts
• Advances in Military GPS Systems
• Algorithms & Methods
• Alternatives and Backups to GNSS (academic focus)
• Alternatives and Backups to GNSS (consumer/commercial focus)
• Aviation Applications
• Galileo and other Emerging GNSS (COMPASS, QZSS, IRNSS)
• Galileo System Design and Services
• Geodesy and Surveying
• GNSS Algorithms and Methods
• GNSS and the Atmosphere
• GNSS Ground Based Augmentation Systems (GBAS)
• GNSS Simulation and Testing
• GNSS Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS)
• GPS and GLONASS Modernization
• GPS and GNSS Interoperability for Military Applications
• GPS/Galileo Compatibility and Interoperability
• Integrated Applications of Earth Observation, Communication and GNSS
• Interference and Spectrum Management
• Land Based Applications
• LBS Technology and Applications
• Location Based Services
• Marine Navigation
• Multi-Constellation User Receivers
• New Multi-Constellation GNSS Product Announcements
• New Product and Commercial Service Announcements
• Next Generation GNSS Integrity
• Pedestrian Navigation
• Portable Navigation Devices
• Precise Point Positioning and RTK
• Precise Positioning and RTK for Civil Applications
• Precise Positioning and RTK for Military Applications
• Preserving the Availability and Integrity of GNSS in Harsh Environments
• Receiver & Antenna Technology
• Regulatory Service Applications
• Remote Sensing with GNSS & Integrated Systems
• Robust Navigation in GNSS-Denied and GNSS-Challenged Environments
• Software Receivers and GNSS Antennas
• Timing and Scientific Applications
• Urban and Indoor Navigation Technology (academic focus)
• Urban and Indoor Navigation Technology (commercial focus)

About ION
The Institute of Navigation is the world’s premier professional society dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of positioning, navigation and timing. The Institute is a national organization whose membership spans worldwide. Additional information about the ION can be found at