OSU – Institute of Technology – Civil/Surveying on-the-road, Spring Semester – 112

Class: ETD 3093 – Civil Design and Drafting Applications
Time: MW 5:30 pm to 7:55 pm
Dates: January 5th – April 20th, 2011
Limited enrollment
Textbook: Civil Drafting Technology; David A. Madsen, Terence M. Schumaker, David P. Madsen; Pearson Prentice Hall, ISBN # 0-13-171199-7
References: Carlson Software 2010 – Volumes 1-3, On-line at carlsonsw.com
Location: OSU-Tulsa, 700 North Greenwood Avenue, Tulsa, OK – Main Hall, Room 2128
Textbook ($89.00).

ETD 3093 – Civil Design Applications
Each student will use Carlson Civil Suite (Civil/Surveying software) working inside AutoCAD to accomplish the course objectives. The objectives of this course are to instruct the students in the field of civil engineering design and drafting of plans and profiles for streets, waterlines, sanitary sewers, basic storm drainage and develop site grading utilizing the various 3-dimensional tools available in Carlson software. The student will also learn how use Carlson’s Civil/Surveying software annotation routines and symbol libraries to enhance their design plans.

(Theory/Lab) Credit Hours: 3; Total hours of theory/lab per semester: 69

Prerequisites: ETDG 1193 – Applied AutoCAD equivalent or instructor approval.

Note: Students in this class will be eligible to purchase a full version of Carlson Civil Suite for home use for only $99 (not a requirement). Civil engineering, land surveying and mining students, learn and work for a full academic year on Carlson Software for $99. This program allows students to get their own copies of Carlson’s leading software choices. The only requirement is proof of fulltime status as a student (Carlson has agreed to waive the fulltime requirement for OSUIT students in this course). FYI The software comes with imbedded IntelliCAD 6.6 so you don’t have to have AutoCAD to use it (AutoCAD users will have no problem using IntelliCAD).

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